My Top Summer 2016 Anime Openings

October 18, 2016

This post is really late! I'm sorry for that. We are already into the fall season for 3 weeks? I think. I've been so busy last week so I couldn't really make anything for this blog. So today, I shall present you my final version of my top summer 2016 anime openings.

The video has been uploaded last week? Yeah, it's quite ironic because I just said that I was busy last week but I was still able to edit and upload the video during that time.

But anyways, I won't be discussing these one by one and I'll try to cover up as much information I want to share with you by dividing this post into mini-sections. These mini-sections will be said as the post goes on.

Let us now start our!

Sorry for the suck-y edit. This time, it wasn't because I was sleepy. The thing is, I uninstalled my Photoshop and installed a new photo editing software and I'm still trying to get my hands accustomed to the different user interface it has. I hope you still like it!

So my way of discussing this whole post will be based on my last update on this list which you can read here.

My list has changed DRASTICALLY from my last update and that is how I'm going to discuss it - by sharing you the different changes that have happened.

So first thing that I will be discussing/sharing are the...

ANIME OPENINGS that have dropped from their last position.
 We will start from songs that have dropped the least amount of spaces until we reach the anime opening that has dropped the MOST number of places. (This is going to be so tragic to discuss)

First is....

1. ORANGE! - Dropped one spot lower

This song, which used to be my top 1 in the last update, is NO LONGER my top 1 song in the final openings list! Which anime opening was strong enough to dethrone Orange? Keep on reading to find out

2. New Game - Dropped 2 spots
3. Tales of Zestiria - Dropped 3 spots
4. "91 Days", "Re:zero" and "Fukigen na Mononokean" - Dropped 4 spots.
5 "Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sora" and "Dgrayman Hallow" - Dropped 5 spots
6.  "Battery", "Amaama to Inazuma", and "One Piece" - Dropped 6 spots
 7. Fate/kaleid - Dropped 7 spots
8. Qualidea Code - Dropped 8 spots
9. Amanchu! - Dropped 12 spots
10. "Rewrite" and "ReLIFE" - Dropped 13 spots
11. Servamp - Dropped 15 spots
12. Handa-kun - Dropped 16 spots


13. TABOO TATTOO - Dropped 20 spots!

Next up is...

ANIME OPENINGS that have risen up from their last position.
We will start from songs that have raised the least amount of spots until we reach the anime opening that has raised the MOST number of spots. (This is going to be both pleasant AND surprising to hear)

1. Love Live! Sunshine!! - Raised 3 spots higher than last position
2. Cheer Danshi! - Raised 5 spots higher than last position.
3.  Days! - Raised 7 spots higher than last position
4. Alderamin on the Sky - Raised 9 spots higher than last position.


5. KUROMUKURO - Raised 12 spots higher than last position!

And for the last section of this post these are the... 
ANIME OPENINGS that debuted in this final version. 
We will start from songs that have debuted in lower spots until we reach the anime opening that has debuted in the higher spots

1. "Kyoukai no Rinne OP 2", "Danganronpa Mirai-hen" and "Aslaan Senki: Fuujin Ranbu" - Debuted at the Honorable Mentions
2. Saiki kusuo no Psi-nan - Debuted at number 23
3. Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars - Debuted at number 22
4. Danganronpa: Zetsubou-hen - Debuted at number  21
4. Mob Psycho 100 - Debuted at number 20
5. Hatsukoi Monster - Debuted at number 19
6.  Active Raid - Debuted at number 17
7. Ange Vierge - Debuted at number 16
8. Sousei no Onmyouji OP 2 - Debuted at number 14
9. B-Project - Debuted at number 13


10.  Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 OP 2 (EP 18) - Debuted at number 6!

This show during it's airing period has been the most consistent among all of the openings! I have said this in the endings list post already but I still feel like telling you guys that! If you're going to watch all of my top lists from spring to summer, all of Mobile Suit's openings are so close to each other in terms of the rankings.

Time for the video!

Anyways, that's it for now! I promise myself that I won't be making versions of top lists anymore since they're such a hassle to make. I will try my best to just post the final versions of my top lists already.

++ Which means that you won't be seeing "Version 1" of my upcoming winter and fall 2016 anime themes! 

I hope you all enjoy! And I'll see you next time.

Authors Note:

1. I'm going to be posting only 1 summer 2016 highlights post! I'm currently writing it at the moment and it's really hard. This means that all of my other recommendations from summer will be compiled into one post titled "My Top Summer 2016 Anime"

2. I'm also currently collecting all of the winter opening themes! So stay tuned for my list of that

3. Check out my profile at MyAnimeList to get updated on shows I'm currently watching! Click this link!

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