My Top 20 Spring 2016 Anime Endings!

June 28, 2016

At long last! I have finally finished compiling & creating my video presentation for my top 20 spring 2016 anime endings list! This list has been so hard to make because the endings this season were so good! It somehow took me an hour just to finish "finalizing" the list because lots of these endings really owns my heart. It was so difficult to fix everything up that I ended up doing "mini" changes to the positions of the songs even in the editing process itself! Anyways, I've finally finished the list and I hope you enjoy the video presentation I did for you just as much as I worked hard on it1

Again, my list is opinion-based when it comes to the ranking of the songs.

Without further ado, these are...

You may either play the video first in the bottom of the post while reading my comments on them or vice versa.
Feel free to do whatever suits you.
Again, these are my guidelines when it comes to positioning the rankings of the songs.

1. Is the music catchy? 
2. Is the visual pleasing to the eye? Does it match the song?
3. Does it give a certain feeling on me when I listen/watch it? Is it intense?

Those are the guidelines that helped me pick the right positions for the songs I liked this season.

Lots of the endings I've included were so intense emotionally and for that, one clue I can give you regarding this top list is that this season's ballads completely took over and dominated the list! A lot of them had the potential to be the top 1 song but unfortunately, some had to be lower. That doesn't mean I don't like them however! I love all of the songs I've included here.

A short note that needs to get out there as well is the fact that most (if not, all) of the endings in the higher positions are usually the ones that came from animes that I've watched this season.

You might say it's biased because of the fact that those that I haven't watched gets to have a higher chance to be in a lower position but again, this is my top openings. This is merely my opinion on this. Don't worry though, there are some songs, from animes I haven't watched, that are incredibly high in this list (even higher than some of the endings that I've watched).

You also might see some songs that you wouldn't expect to be in a higher position (some of them are songs you wouldn't even expect to be in the list itself). But again, these are just my personal preferences (refer to the guidelines stated above).

I'll try to discuss each and every one of them and tell you why I placed them in that position.

Now, shall we start!?


Top 22

Nijiiro Days' Ending 5!

Yep! Lots of the endings were so good that I had to put a bonus song in it as an additional item to the list. Nijiiro Days' ending 5 gets me in the groove!

Top 21

Endride's Ending

Amazingly, I have to say that Endride's ending song is better that it's opening! It had me from the start when I first tried out watching Endride unlike it's opening which I had to skip some of it's parts

Top 20

Macross Delta's Ending

I got to hear this ending from the other top lists that I watched. I loved this song's chorus. It's so jumpy! I don't know if that's the right adjective to describe it though but that's the closest I can get.

Top 19

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Season 2's Ending

I got to hear this ending from the other top lists that I watched. Just like Macross Delta's ending, I also find this song bouncy to resist dancing while sitting in your chair.

Top 18

Sousei no Onmyouji's Ending

I got to hear this ending from the other top lists that I watched! This song's vocals are so soulful and heartfelt. 

Top 17

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge's Ending

This ending is just so cute, song and visual-wise! Simple as that!

Top 16

Hakuouki: Otogisoushi's Ending

I used to skip this ending whenever it would show up in those lists that I've watched but then one time, I was watching this top endings list on 1.25 speed and this song came on! It was one of the best things that my ears got to hear.

Top 15

Ace Attorney's Ending

Another strong ballad that my heart got to savor whenever I would hear this in the other top lists I've watched.

Top 14

Nijiiro Days' Ending 4

Another Nijiiro Days' ending in this list! One of the reasons I love this song is because it was sang by Shimazaki Nobunaga. His voice just gets me both in voice-acting and as a singer. <3

Top 13

Shounen Maid Ending

Yes! Time for some Shounen Maid! This song is so catchy. The visuals were so funny and entertaining as well! This show is going to end in this week's Saturday by the way and I'm having mixed emotions about it right now.

Top 12

Mayoiga's Ending

At last, another ballad! This one tamed my heart with it's slow and pure vocals. Together with it's simplistic visuals, this stripped-back ending takes me on a break from all the other bright and fast-paced endings in this season.

Top 11

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri's Ending

A powerful ballad with stunning visuals from one of this season's famous show!

Top 10 

Boku no Hero Academia's Ending

I don't understand this song's lyrics because I didn't learn Japanese but, for some reason, this ending as a whole, both the music and the visuals, gives me an inspirational feeling whenever I listen to it. It makes me motivated to do anything! I tend to imagine that I'm Izuku Midoriya whenever this song plays. He's such an adorable person. I love him.

Top 9

Joker Game's Ending

Just like Re:zero, both this anime's ending and opening are in the same position! One of my favorite parts in this song are those lyrics that were sang fast! It felt like it was a rap. I loved it

Top 8

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Re:0096 Ending*

This song, frankly, entered this late at a pretty late time because I forgot to add it! This is a really beautiful song that definitely deserves this position. Everything about is just catchy!

Top 7

Re:zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu's Ending

I'm playing the video presentation while typing all these descriptions and one thing I realized is that both Re:zero's opening and ending were in the same position: top 11! This song's vocals together with it's instrumental makes it an absolute hip-swaying machine.

Top 6

Magi: Sinbad no Bouken's Ending

This song was an underdog in this list. I didn't really get to know this song until, only a few weeks ago. This song instantly gave me that adventurous vibe going on which can also be seen in the bright scenery seen in it's visuals. I constantly play this song whenever I walk to school.

Top 5

Nijiiro Days' Ending 6

Another Nijiiro Days' song! I loved all of Nijiiro Days' OST but out of all it's endings this season, this cute pop-like ballad is one of the songs I really enjoyed listening to the most. I don't know why but to be honest, something about this song gives me the feeling of de ja vu. This ending is also the last underdog to rise up so high on this list as I've literally just heard this song for the first time a day ago! It's one of my absolute favorites in this list. It was really hard trying to trim parts of this ending because I really adored this one. You could see how frustrating it was because I literally tweeted about it.

Top 4

Sakamoto desu ga?'s Ending

I have to admit, I didn't expect this anime to have an ending theme song of this kind. Literally! I mean who would right? This anime's main character has been shown to be one of the most coolest anime characters around! And to be given such an amazing ballad as it's ending? That made me so speechless when I first thought about it. This anime's opening was also cool in it's own way - fast paced, rock-n-roll type of jam and that was perfect for the anime's theme! But this song gave this anime a new color - in a positive way. I loved it. This wonderful ballad also gave me goosebumps because it also had me feeling de ja vu. Is it because of how the instruments sounded like? Or was it the vocals that sounded like I've already heard it before? We'll never know.

Top 3

Super Lovers' Ending

Time to party! Yes, I'm sure you, my reader, didn't expect this song to be this high in this list. I don't know about you but this song makes me so happy just like what it says so in it's title: Happiness You & Me. This song never fails me to make me jump around constantly in front of my computer. Ask my little brother if you doubted at that last sentence because he's a witness to the craziness I did with this song. In fact, my little brother also got addicted to this song! But of course, he didn't knew what the anime's about. *teehee*

Top 2

Kiznaiver's Ending

Ahh! The Kiznaiver feels are coming back! I just finished watching it's last episode a few days ago and when this ending song played for the last time, I cried. This ballad never fails to touch my heart so much. The enchanting first notes on the piano, the fragile vocals on it's first verses, and the heart-warming chorus played on a really simple yet meaningful and deep visual composition makes me miss this anime even more! I loved the feeling it gives me. Another one of my all-time most favorite endings this season. I'd probably re-watch this anime again to be honest. It's that good!

Another Top 2

Bungou Stray Dogs' Ending

Yes! We're having two top 2s today! The next top 2 in this list is Bungou Stray Dogs' powerful ballad. Deciding the top 2 of this list was really hard because Kiznaiver and Stray Dogs' ending themes were just so good. The emotions of each song had a really huge impact on me that it was sad to label one as lower than the other. I had to make them both top 2. Bungou Stray Dogs' ending also grasped me with it's symbolic visuals and ear-grasping song. No wonder why some people also considered this song to be one of the best this season.

And the top 1 is...

Top 1

Kyoukai no Rinne Season 2's Ending

Gotcha! I'm sure you didn't expect this song to be here as well. If you did, then hats off to you for having a really special ear for this ending right here. This song, frankly in my opinion, is the most underrated ending theme this season ever had! Only less people got to acknowledge how wonderful this song really is. Because of it being underrated, this song get's to be a special one in this list!

 If you'll ask me why, out of all the other songs, did I consider this to be the best this season? I'd say that this ending has the ultimate combination of all the comments I did on most of the ballads I've included in this list: 1. The throwback-ish sound makes it a magnet for the de ja vu feels. 2. The catchy melody it had that made it really easy to sing along to. 3. The powerful and raw vocals that you can clearly hear in the chorus and also... 4. It's really unique take on the visuals. The colored-pencil art on it's  abstract watercolor background really contributed to the overall feel this ending exhibits to people. If you haven't heard this ending yet, please do! It's awesome!

On to the video presentation!

Thanks for reading! What are YOUR favorite Spring 2016 Endings?

Titles with the red asterisk indicate a late addition to the list!

Authors Note:

1. This is the second to the last of the top list series I have in stored for this season! The last one - my overall top anime shows for spring 2016 will be coming in the last few days of Spring.

2. Also, don't forget to come back and visit this blog again soon for I will be posting my top summer 2016 anime watchlist!

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