Huge Update

June 05, 2016

Guys this is just gonna be a super short update on my blog. As you can already see, there has been a huge change in the way my blog looks.

Not only in the way it looks but also on the way it's direction is heading into.

Basically, last night, I thought to myself that the way my blog is heading into in terms of it's content is a bit off.

How you might ask?

My blog is basically a mixture of both personal and an anime type of blog and I feel that those two themes don't mix well together. It's not like those blogs that are like about lifestyle + beauty where you can basically interchange those two and still end up having a cohesive blog.

Mine, sounds a bit, off. I mean one minute, I might post something related to my fandom (let's say Owl City), then on the second post, I might beginn talking about manga... It just doesn't feel good mashing them up together.

So anyways, I decided to split up my blog into two! One for my otaku + weeb needs and the other for my fanboy + personal needs.

You can find that other blog right here!

These two blogs are undergoing a really heavy renovation and that might cause a significant delay of posts coming from me. But! Please bear in mind that it's one the main priorities I'm focusing on right now so please bear with me.

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