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This policy is effective starting on May 13, 2016.

The reading of all information on themetropolismind.blogspot.com is of your own free will. If you don't accept these terms and conditions, you should stop the use of this website immediately. You'll be missing out on awesome (yas) content if you do so I suggest that you follow these rules in order to fully enjoy my website.

I reserve the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any given time on this website because why not?

Even though I try my best to research a lot on the content that I publish here on this website, I don't guarantee you 100% that these content are completely accurate so I suggest that you research by yourself the content here that you find questionable in your perspective.

I'll always try my best to make sure that the content I put in this website is as accurate as possible but it's on your own freewill if you'll believe it or not.

You may contact me if you find wrong content here and I'll try my best to correct them as soon as possible because I love all of you.

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All content here are purely my thoughts and opinions and I reserve right and I'm the legal copyright of all (written, graphic and multimedia) material posted here unless stated otherwise. You may give credits, if in case you grabbed some of my pictures and written content, by putting out a link that takes it back to this website.

I respect other people's work and thoughts and as much as I incorporate them here, I'll always give proper credit to them when it's due.

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Most of the written content here are usually for informative and entertainment purposes and that I am, in fact, is a non-professional or an expert at the content that I publish here. I post here because I simply want to share the things that I love.

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I, the owner of this blog, reserves the right for me to modify or change the focus of this blog or any of the things here in this blog in whatever time that I feel is right. I also have the right to shut down or do whatever things I want to do with this blog as well.

Any ideas or suggestions regarding on what you want me to do with this page? Feel free to comment down below! I appreciate every single thing you might share there. Unless you only came here to bash or spread negativity, then y'all should go ahead and press the "X" button in that corner right there.

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Greetings, I am Jefferson and welcome to my anime blog. This anime blog is where I'll be housing all of my reviews and recommendations for anime shows.

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