Updated! Top 24 Summer 2016 Anime Openings

August 10, 2016

I haven't written a lot in a while and I'm sorry for that. I was just being busy with school so I couldn't really write a lot of reviews or recommendations. Another reason is because I wasn't able to get real into the "creative" mood to write these lately and I guess it's also because of the stress the school has placed on me. Nonetheless, I still made tiny improvements in the way my blog looks! If you haven't seen it yet, it has these promotional banners on top and off the body as a means of self-promoting the other things I've been doing related to this blog as a whole of course!

I may not have been doing lots in terms of writing but I've been doing a lot of video editing on the other side of the scale! I updated my top summer 2016 anime openings video yesterday and also got them up on my Youtube channel on that same day!

With this, I'm just going to discuss the changes between the initial list with the latest one I created.

Short note: I won't be tackling the songs one by one as I will be doing only a summary of everything that's happened. My initial one by one short review on some of the tracks on this video are posted on my other article about the initial list which you can check here.

I now present you the updated version here!

So let's go proceed with the overall breakdown of the new updated list!

1. New songs!

As you probably might have noticed after/during watching the video, I've included songs from different titles! Woo hoo! Hopefully I can complete everything I want to include by the end of the season.

Some songs I must say were really good that I gave them a really high position in the list. Songs such as Cheer Danshi's opening theme really deserve that high spot in my opinion!

2. Missing songs!

Just like what I said earlier, I still haven't completed all of the songs I want to include. Shows such as Mob Pyscho, Saiki Kusuo, Hatsukoi Monster, Berserk and others are shows that I would love to add to the list by the end of the season. Mob Psycho's opening was initially planned to be placed here already, hence it was only 24 when it was originally planned to be 25, the video clip I got my hands on was low in terms of quality so I didn't bother letting such low quality video ruin the overall outlook of this version.

3. Favorites!

I have a lot of current favorite songs from the list at the moment. A few are

1. Love Live! Sunshine's - This song is definitely worth putting up even higher than it is.
2. One Piece's - Catchy!!
3. Battery - Calming + refreshing
4. Amanchu! - same as Battery's
5. Handa-kun - Unique
6. ReLIFE - A pretty solid awesome opening!
7. Days! - Happy and cheery!
8. New Game - Cute and catchy
9. Shokugeki - ughh the high note (not included in the clip in my video) in this song is just epic!
10. Cheer Danshi - Engaging, unique and motivational! Absolute favorite.

And, of course, the rest of my top 5 - there's a reason why they're so high you know? *laughs*

And the last topic for this top list I'm gonna discuss is...

4. What are MY predictions on the final ranking?

This will all be in numbered form and I'll try my best to not mention specific positions but I'll just tell hunches on some songs!

1. Love Live! Sunshine - higher change of gaining a higher rank
2. Battery - higher change of gaining a higher rank
3. Servamp - small chance of gaining a lower rank
4. Days - small chance of getting into the top 10
5. New Game - higher chance of gaining the same rank
6. Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara - small chance of gaining the same rank
7. Cheer Danshi - higher chance of getting into the top 5
8. The current top 5 - higher chance of getting a bit of mixing in terms of the ranks.

In terms of the new songs I'll add.

So far...

1. Mob Psycho 100 - higher chance of being in top 18 - 13
2. Hatsukoi Monster - higher chance of being in top 20 - 14
3. Saiki Kusuo - higher chance of being in top 20 - 15
4. Arslan Senki - higher chance of being in top 11 - 5
5. Berserk - small chance of getting an average rank
6. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - higher chance of getting an average rank
7. Sousei no Onmyouji - higher change of getting a rank near top 10
8. Ange Vierge - higher chance of being in top 15 - 11

So that's it for the breakdown/summary of this year's summer openings

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