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Greetings lovely people of the Earth!

My name is Jefferson. I am your typical weeb who enjoys Japanese culture just as much as other weebs do. I invest my time and effort watching anime, reading mangas and planning out my next cosplan. This blog is where I share & document my love for all of that! See? I'm just like you fellow weebs lol. Oh! I also write on my personal blog.

Time for the basic info.

What is my Age?

I'm currently 17 years old

What is my job?

I'm currently a student, a college student to be exact, taking up Communication as my course

Where do I live?

I won't be telling my specific address here but I live in the Philippines.

I hope you enjoy your stay here in my blog! May you find something read-worthy.

About me

Greetings, I am Jefferson and welcome to my anime blog. This anime blog is where I'll be housing all of my reviews and recommendations for anime shows.

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