Spring 2016 Highlight: Shounen Maid

June 09, 2016

As the spring anime 2016 season draws near to it's closure. I find myself having limited time left to prepare and catch up with the shows I'm watching in order to give you my top picks for this season at the end of this month. Lots of animes have been crawling their way to my top spot while others may have been dropped by me.

One of these animes that became an underdog in my personal top 10 shows for me this season is this show called Shounen Maid.

Wanna know why? Read on ahead!

While scrolling through different shows to watch in the Spring 2016 section, Shounen Maid wasn't a part of the ones that I was able to see first. There were others that caught up my interest more such as Mayoiga and the shounen-ai anime of the season, Super Lovers. I only got to find out about this series during the time I was scrolling through the website where I watch anime and coincidentally, was also the day the show's first episode was released. The first thing I got to see was the promotional poster and I got shounen-ai feels from it.
The promotional poster. I know you got those Shounen-ai vibes from it too, don't you?
As a fan of shounen-ai, that triggered my interest to click on it. I went through the comment section first to see others getting the same vibe from it. So I grinned but when I saw the genre, it isn't. It's only labeled as "Comedy", "Shoujo", & "Slice of Life".

I then proceeded to read it's synopsis and again, I still felt the "shounen-ai" feels from it.

By the way, if you want to know the synopsis, here it is:

"Chihiro is left homeless with supposedly no relatives after his mom died. As he worries about what to do next, his uncle shows up and plans to take care of him...Or is it the other way around?"

Now, I got curious to watch it and decided to just go & check the first episode. 

The first episode was off to a good start, we were given the basic foundation to start off the series properly - we got to know what happened to the main character, Chihiro, we got to meet the uncle, Madoka and we got to learn a bit of their connection.

Let's just say that it didn't really grab me after I watched it. I mean I liked it, it was so fun, cute & light to watch but there wasn't that much ooomph, if you know what I mean. So of course, after a few days, I got my mind away from Shounen Maid and got my hands full on other shows.

A few weeks has passed and I began watching this other show called Nijiiro Days, and NO, just a short disclaimer, I ain't going to talk about that because this post IS about Shounen Maid but there's somehow a connection between those two so I might as well just drop it first here before I continue on. Nijiiro Days has this character whom I fell in love with and became my favorite and one of the reasons was his voice, this specific voice somehow knows how to "touch my heartstrings". Yep, I am using that as a metaphor to basically say I fell in love with the voice.

The seiyuu's, a.k.a voice actor's, name was Shimazaki Nobunaga and let me tell you, he's so cute! I became a fan of him and I proceeded to go and check his other voice acting roles and lo and behold, I SAW THE UNCLE from SHOUNEN MAID, MADOKA,

So basically, I fanboyed, and at the same time, remembered Shounen Maid. I thought to myself "Hmm, it's been a while since I last watched this. I should probably give it another shot."

So you know what happened next, I went on ahead with the next episode. And of course, the cute factor of the whole thing skyrocketed. Not only that Madoka's cute voice had me "aww" up in adoration, the other comical characters also became such a sight to see and had me hooked in as the show progressed.

There was no fanservice which serves as a bonus point as I got to enjoy it clean without me worrying about other unusual things appearing. I also got to learn more and more about Chihiro's deceased mum as well as I got to see the relationships develop between the like-able characters of the series.

BUT WAIT, I got more. What really grasped me to start watching more episodes was the values, emotions and the lessons it shows the watchers in funny yet at the same time, understandable ways. I truly felt the emotions in certain scenes and got to feel the lessons in life being implied in the episodes.

This show was one of the few spring 2016 shows that made me feel like crying at certain parts.

I also got goosebumps every time this anime shows the familial relationships between Chihiro and his mum, his mum and Chihiro's uncle, Madoka, as well as the familial relationship developed between Chihiro and Madoka. So much feels.

It had such an emotional attachment to me and it had me invested in it. That had me wanting for more episodes.

The other episodes didn't fail me as well. There's always that feeling of satisfaction this show gives me after watching an episode. It makes me happy

This show is actually underrated, compared to the other popular ones this season, which it doesn't deserve because it's a good series. It even has the potential to be one of my top favorites for this spring 2016.

So do I recommend this to you? OF COURSE! Go ahead and treat yourself to this enjoyable show.

Credits belong to the rightful owner if this is a fan art (which looks like it)
I shall leave you with videos of the show's opening and ending themes because I like it (they're catchy) and because that's what I always do when I post about animes.

What is YOUR Spring Anime 2016 highlight? Comment them down below!

Authors Note:

I'm doing my best to give you guys lots of content before spring ends. And a part of these content are what is known as Spring 2016 Highlights which are a series of posts where I can showcase some of my favorites for this season so you guys might have a head-start on what are the competitors for my top list.

Did you know?

1. Madoka is my current twitter icon. You can check out my twitter feed in my sidebar there. ->

Another spring 2016 show that also had me crying in some episodes (and is also a contender for my top favorite picks this season) is an anime called Kiznaiver. Kiznaiver ALSO has a character voiced by Shimazaki Nobunaga. I shall write that post as soon as possible.

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