My Initial Top 10 Summer 2016 Anime Openings

July 24, 2016

Greetings everyone! This is going to be a quick post on my top summer 2016 anime openings.

Earlier this afternoon I created a really quick video presentation of my initial rankings on the opening songs this season! This post is simply dedicated to sharing you the video.

So far, summer openings have been quite stable. There are some good ones here and there and there are also some underrated ones which I was able to love so much that I had to put it in the video.

So here are short and sweet comments on the anime titles I've included in the list

Top 11 (Bonus) - One Piece OP 10

I never really started watching One Piece but after hearing this opening song it got my head bobbing up and down with the catchy tune this song has!

Top 10 - Days OP

One of the sports anime this season! This anime's inclusion in this initial list came upon late that I just decided on it the moment I edited the video! This song is catchy as well.

Top 9 - Amaama to Inazuma OP

This is one of the animes this season that I really adore so much! The opening theme really matches it as well - simple and cute.

Top 8 - Servamp OP

Frankly, this type of voice isn't really my cup of tea but how it was applied on to it's sing-able chorus and how it mixed well with the dark, gritty vibe the visuals of the opening has got it to claim the number 8 position

Top 7 - Taboo Tattoo OP

This reminds of Bungou Stray Dogs' OP to be honest but I love this one as well!

Top 6 - New Game OP

I absolutely adore this opening! It was so catchy it got me in the groove immediately upon hearing it for the first time.

Top 5 - Re:zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu OP

This song was brought to you by the ones who also sang this show's first ending theme - which I really liked. This song really got to step up the feels (as what I can see from other people) of the show as it is now which I'm so excited about to see as I'm catching up on it at the moment!

Top 4 - 91 Days OP

Is the voice familiar? It's because the singer also sang Tokyo Ghoul's iconic OP theme! We get to hear the singer's high note again! It gives me the chills hearing the chorus of this song! It really matched the theme of the show as well!

Top 3 - Fukigen na Mononokean OP

This opening theme, as from what I can see, is probably the most underrated, at least for me. I love this opening so much! Ever since hearing this the first I knew that I'd end up loving this one so much. The catchy verses with the singer/s' high toned voice makes me feel like I wanna have their voice! LOL This opening theme isn't really that much appreciated in other top lists, sadly.

Top 2 - Tales of Zestiria the X OP

The song that was brought to us by FLOW - one of my favorite J-Rock bands that sang alot of the anime theme songs that I was able to memorize by heart *cough* Naruto, Code Geass *cough*. They really showed that they're not giving up the iconic energy-filled vibe we always hear in their songs!

And lastly,

Top 1 - Orange OP

It has to be Orange. This song just hits me with feels the way the manga did! It's perfect. Everything was well done here. The instrumental in the begin sounds so fresh! The melody is catchy. The visuals were colorful. It's simply awesome.


Remember that this is just my initial top list! The full list will be posted probably 2 weeks before summer season ends just as much as my endings list are! Meanwhile, I'm also planning on redoing my Spring 2016 Openings and Endings video so I could also get them up and running on my Youtube account.

Don't worry if your favorite isn't here, it's just my initial top list!

If you aren't yet subscribed to my Youtube channel, please do so here! 

Until next time lovely readers!

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