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August 15, 2016

I haven't been writing anything related to anime lately. I just came to give another update! I realized that this change was actually a pretty vital one in order to stand out more as a unique blogger in the anime blogosphere. With that, I changed my blog theme, again for the nth time!

I've always loved my previous theme, it really fitted well with my favorite color and everything. It looked quite perfect enough that I thought it'll stay that way for a few months (even years!). 

One of my favorite anime bloggers in this anime blogging community is HoneyFeed. They always manage to get me back to their blog every now and then with their interactive way of how they use their site. I also adored their theme.

And guess what the color scheme of their theme is?

You guessed it right! Yellow!

That blog probably, low-key, influenced me on how I designed and made this blog look like - nice smooth menu buttons and a yellow overall look just like what HoneyFeed's blog looks like.

Last night, I finally realized the value of being different when it comes to the blogging community. The key to standing out isn't just on how much posts you write nor how many readers you have. The thing is, the way you present your blog out there to the world to be read is also a big factor to being a successful blogger. 

I also visited Random Curiosity's blog, another successful anime blog out there, yesterday and I was checking out some of their super old posts in their archives and I stumbled upon a post where they stated that they couldn't "wait" to try out their new theme. Upon reading that last word, I decided to scan out their whole page. It looked simple, but boy was it really elegant! It was so beautiful that I got the motivation to do another search through on sites for free blogger themes out there so I could completely give my blog another makeover. I found another one, and it's currently being tweaked here and there so I hope you like this - it's fresh, it's new and above all, it's unique!

Though I do feel tempted to make the colors yellow again!

Anyways, that's that! And I really didn't like how my previous theme didn't have a section for footer widgets because I love additional sections like those!

That's it for this quick update and I'll see guys soon!

Authors Note:

1. I haven't fixed and re-installed the Disqus comment's system on this blog yet due to some errors I've been receiving. I'm hoping to get it done with as soon as possible.

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