My 2nd Step to Cosplaying: Making the Costume + Cramming

August 23, 2016

So last April, I posted a few of my character selections for my very first cosplay project, it was decided upon early June that I'll cosplay Kenji Miyazawa from Bungou Stray Dogs. A few days after school started, I started getting my hands on completing his costume! Everything went so good so far. That is, until a few days ago this August, did I feel that I've procrastinated on some days. It's only a month left and I haven't yet fully completed everything.

Earlier this afternoon, I reflected on all of that and I suddenly had a mild panic attack. I was almost on the verge of tearing up knowing that I'm now cramming on this one last month before the event. I got motivated to let all that stress out here.

So I'm going to break down my tasks left here so I can carefully plan out the details and stuff on how I'm going to use this last month before the event!

So, if you haven't known by now, I'm going to cosplay as Kenji Miyazawa from Bungou Stray Dogs.

Kenji Miyazawa from Bungou Stray Dogs
I've decided that this cute cinnamon roll will be my first character as a debut in my cosplay hobby. Yes, I know he wasn't on my original list but this guy definitely feels right as my first character! It is actually pretty timely, too. October is the month of the event I'm going to participate in and guess what? Bungou Stray Dogs' season two will start airing on that month as well.

So let us start with the break down of the stuff I've done and the stuff I'm going to squish in the whole next month.

Stuff I've Accomplished, so far!

Well, I've finished doing the black long sleeves on his innermost layer of clothing and I've also done with the farmer shirt with the V-neck on it though the ripped edges aren't finished, that bit won't cost me a lot of my time so I'm setting that aside. I've also finished cutting out the base fabric for the jumper's straps and the jumper's main shirt. I've also got my pants that I'll be overlaying with the same fabric the jumper has. And, I'm sure I have a belt in here somewhere that looks like that.

Putting them on a list, we have.

1. Black sleeves
2. Brown long shirt
3. Belt
4. Base of the pants
5. Base of the jumper

Stuff I've, yet, to Accomplish.

The rest of the stuff I need to do for next month includes, buying the stray hat, slippers, buying the right blue fabric to sew over the base of my jumpers and pants, the metal thing that connects the straps to the main jumper and contacts, which is optional.

As a list, these are.

1. Light blue fabric
2. Wig
3. Straw Hat
4. Slippers
5. The "metal" thing.
6. Contacts

So technically, we have done 40% of the job. Looking back at it as a whole, I can say that what I've done so far are the cheap stuff that one can do using only pure creativity. The next part of the task is the part when it all gets expensive as how I would see it, I guess. The next half basically needs money to be completely done. 

I have 6 weeks left to save money for the stuff I'll need. Ohh and I forgot, I need to buy tickets to the convention itself as well. Looks like I'll need to become much more frugal in the days to come if I want to make my dream to become a cosplayer, a reality.

If you want to know how I planned out the last few weeks (approximately 5/6 weeks) 'till the convention, this is how it roughly goes....

Week 1. Probably next week, I'll get my hands on my tickets. Hopefully, they aren't sold out by then!
Week 2. A week after that, I'll buy the blue fabric and on that same week, I shall sew them over and finish the rest of my pieces.
Week 3. A week after that, I'll order my wig, which I'll be scouring over on a lot of sites on the week before!
Week 4. A week after that, hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on the last articles (e.g; straw hat and yellow slippers):
Week 5. The last week, a few minor tweaks here and there, practicing the makeup, and buying the optional contacts! By this time, I'm also hoping that the "metal" thing will be done as well.

Speaking of the "metal" thing, I absolutely have NO IDEA on how I'm going to do that part. If you have ANY ideas at all, please don't hesitate to help this fellow aspiring cosplayer. <(・∀・)>

So that's my rough plan starting next week! Hopefully I can keep up with it. 

Authors Note:

1. I haven't written anything related to anime lately but if you'll look at the quantity of posts on my cosplay tag, I haven't written more than one about cosplay. Hopefully this post will suffice that dry and barren "cosplay" tag. 

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