Top Spring 2016: Openings/Endings (Update)

June 16, 2016

Hello guys! This will just be a short post giving you an update on the top 20+ list on this spring 2016's anime openings and endings.

Yep! You've heard that right! It is now going to have 20 items unlike the previously mentioned number back in my old posts which is 10! I decided to add a few more to satisfy the fans, a bit, of the ones that I would have left out if it was going to be only having 10 items. Another reason is because there are just so many good songs this season... literally! And yes, I'm still having a hard time deciding the final positions of the songs but I am getting there! I promise. 

I tried using this made-up method I created in arranging the songs:

It works like this:

I grouped up several numbers into brackets so that I can get as exact with regards to the position of the song I'm gonna put, but it also makes it versatile just in case I want to re-arrange/order the songs.

This method has helped ease down the process to a manageable one unlike using the manual picking-and-placing a song in the EXACT position number.

But that is not to say I am complete though! There is still a few spots left that needs more re-thinking and revising so I hope you do wait with me 'till it gets done. I am planning on having it done by the time the weekend ends.

Anyways, I also started downloading the opening visuals and songs so I can load them easily when it comes to the editing process.

Top 20* Behind that magic folder is what you have been waiting for.  That folder holds the candidates for my top openings and endings.
Well, you guys already have a clue because as you can see from the folder on top, it already exposes some of the thumbnails of the anime openings/endings that I've included.

Are you all hyped?

Can YOU guess what is included in my top spring 2016 anime openings & endings?

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