Spring 2016 Highlight: Kiznaiver

June 14, 2016

What is your concept on sharing pain with others? Have you ever even imagined what it would be like if people were to feel the pain you felt? Or maybe... have you ever imagined what pain the people that surrounds you feels like? The concept of sharing pain is something that I've never ever seen before in any anime. 

Going back to the topic, this is a really unique concept for me when I first discovered Kiznaiver so I knew I wanted to check it out. Similar to my Shounen Maid story, I only got to start and actually get into this show in the late spring season. I had A LOT of things in my watchlist for this season that I can barely keep track on what I also wanted to watch.

A good push that made me try out this anime was not only just because of it's unique theme but also because of the fact that Shimazaki Nobunaga, a seiyuu that I adore so much, is actually voicing a main character from it. I wanted to fanboy over his voice and that made me press the link to watch it.

So to get pumped up for it, I watched the mini previews as well as the pre-show episode - a simple documentary about the background of the whole anime series showing how much effort was made to produce the show. Though I didn't finish the latter one on my first try because I really couldn't understand some of the things stated there.

Either way, I definitely saw lots of hype over this show mainly because it was handled by the studio called Trigger who were the makers of an another famous anime I've, yet, to watch called "Kill la kill".

By the way, what does "Kiznaiver" mean? Kiznaivers are basically a group of people connected by their wounds.

The opening song was decent at first hearing - it grew up on me as episodes went by until I basically became addicted to it

Every time I watch a series' first episode, I wanted to see something that will be the power hook I can use to keep coming back for more. Now the first few scenes, I must say, were okay for me. But did it give me the excitement factor? Not yet. It was only during the latter part of the episode after the mid-way point did it actually gave me that "I need to watch another episode" feeling. The way the unique & opposite characters interact with each other were entertaining. I felt excited because I knew this was not just going to be about sharing pain but also about developing friendships. About the pain thing? Yep! It did have that "sharing pain" element to it, literally. When I read the synopsis, the word "literal" didn't come to mind when it said "connecting with others through pain".

The synopsis is this:

"Katsuhira Agata is a quiet and reserved teenage boy whose sense of pain has all but vanished. His friend, Chidori Takashiro, can only faintly remember the days before Katsuhira had undergone this profound change. Now, his muffled and complacent demeanor make Katsuhira a constant target for bullies, who exploit him for egregious sums of money. But their fists only just manage to make him blink, as even emotions are far from his grasp.

However, one day Katsuhira, Chidori, and four other teenagers are abducted and forced to join the Kizuna System as official "Kiznaivers." Those taking part are connected through pain: if one member is injured, the others will feel an equal amount of agony. These individuals must become the lab rats and scapegoats of an incomplete system designed with world peace in mind. With their fates literally intertwined, the Kiznaivers must expose their true selves to each other, or risk failing much more than just the Kizuna System." - MyAnimeList Synopsis

I low key wanted this anime to have feels - in the beginning I didn't think much of that as well though.

The episodes went by keeping up with such a high level and I loved every bit of it (until I basically became Kiznaiver trash now). The intensity of the feels and the thrilling element it gives is also what I loved with this anime. I wouldn't consider it to be an underdog like Shounen Maid as this anime literally blew my mind off from the start! As episodes went by, so does my love for this show grows. I'm actually selfish when it comes to the anime now to be honest, like I told my brother to back off and to not watch Kiznaiver because I love this precious baby so much.

I really don't want to spoil so much. This anime deserves to be watched without any kind of spoilers whether it be minor or something major. I'm trying my best to actually not drop a lot of the good stuff here and to be honest, it's actually quite hard to write it that way because I feel so tempted to tell it you here.

This anime is good at showing how intense the relationships and friendships between all of the characters grew. Concepts such as teamwork are also applied here as they are also sent on missions together as Kiznaivers. Anime with multiple characters can be quite a challenge when it comes to carving out and molding them into something more "human" especially if it's just an anime that's going to be done within 12 episodes. The characters in Kiznaiver weren't that "2D" as this anime always gives a chance for the other characters to have their own spotlight in an episode.

Just like Shounen Maid, this is one of the spring shows that gets my eyes bawling when I watched certain episodes as well. That can be proven on the latest episode I watched which was on a Sunday where in I had my chest tighten & had my heart torn up as I cried so much on it. It was an INTENSE episode. I'm actually planning on watching the latest one when I have free time all to myself so I can watch it with privacy just in case it's going to be another episode full of feels.

I almost forgot to mention and talk about the ending theme! Just like the opening, it was simply okay in the start but then it also grew up on me until it became a really heart touching song that gets my hairs standing up and my eyes teared up the moment it plays it's first note. That song didn't actually help lift up the pain a bit after watching that intense episode I told you a while ago - it only intensified it and made me cry even more.

Kiznaiver is definitely one of the best anime series this Spring 2016 season. I agree with all the hype as I've seen it myself. I want other people to see it and love it just as much as I do. Kiznaiver, compared to the other popular series this season, definitely needs to catch up with the big ones in terms of hype, as it's really a show worth watching

Characters from left to right: Hisomu, Nico, Tenga, Sonozaki, Katsuhira, Chidori, Honoka, Yuta
Here are the anime's opening and ending themes!

Boom Boom Satellites - Lay Your Hands On Me

Sangatsu no Phantasia - Hajimari no Sokudo

Just a short trivia (a bittersweet one).

1. Boom Boom Satellites - Lay Your Hands On Me is the last career single of the Japanese group as one of the band members, Kawashima, had his tumors relapsed and became partially paralyzed. I am praying for his speedy recovery!

2. Sangatsu no Phantasia - From what I've heard on the pre-show episode of Kiznaiver, Hajimari no Sokudo is actually their first single ever in their career. Congratulations!

Authors Note:

Short disclaimer, however, I haven't watched a lot of shows so if you did watch a show with the concept of sharing pain as well before Kiznaiver was even aired, you may comment them down below and tell it to me because I might add it to my watch list.

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