A Life Update!

June 14, 2016

So today, I bought a new keyboard! Hooray! I can finally start (and finish) my posts for this month. I hope you all would look up for that soon because I am stoked for what is coming up next *cough* another spring 2016 highlight* and *cough* sneakpeek on my top ten lists.

Ooops! I spoiled you all a bit there! Anyways, look forward to that because as much as I was so excited and happy to have finally bought a new keyboard, I am AS excited to finally get more posts coming for you guys! 

Just a short rant! I'm having a REALLY huge trouble trying to rank and rate up the different spring 2016 anime shows because they are so good! I really need to finish it up as soon as possible because before you know it, SUMMER anime 2016 shows are coming up! It basically means that I'll be having another "What I Started Watching: Summer 2016 Shows" for you, my dear readers.

Thank you so much for sticking by my blog! My school has started which means I am "supposed" to have limited time for blogging and all those types of stuff but... nope! I'm still going to set up my time always making sure I have something good installed for this blog.

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