My Top 20 Spring 2016 Anime Openings!

June 24, 2016

Yep. You've heard that right. I've finally compiled & created the video presentation for my top 20 spring 2016 anime openings list. I had so much trouble trying to avoid copyright on it but I gave up. It literally took me 8 tries (8 uploads and 8 edits) to give up and just post it on my Google Drive account! But anyways, enough of that! The good thing is that the list is finally here.

Generally, my list is opinion-based when it comes to the ranking of the songs.

You may either play the video first in the bottom of the post while reading my comments on them or vice versa.
You can do whatever you want.

I don't necessarily have a rubric that I used to rate these but I do have some guidelines.

Guidelines such as.

1. Is the music catchy?
2. Is the visual pleasing to the eye?
3. Does it give a certain feeling on me when I listen to it? Is it intense?

Those are the guidelines that helped me pick the right positions for the songs I liked this season.

A short note that needs to get out there as well is the fact that most (if not, all) of the openings in the higher positions are usually the ones that came from the animes that I've watched this season.

These openings from the animes that I've watched tend to give me more of the "intense feeling" that was also used as one of the basis for the ranks.

You might say it's biased because of the fact that those that I haven't watched gets to have a higher chance to be in a lower position but again, this is my top openings. This is merely my opinion on this.

Like for instance... my top 10 opening this season. I'm sure no one would expect that song to be there.

Other influence for the positions of some of the songs is because I, too, like to watch all the other people's top openings this season and that gave me an opportunity to hear other catchy songs this season. Probably without that, I'd only have a top 10 right now but because of that, I got 20!

I'll try to discuss each and every one of them and tell you why I placed them in that position.

I'd probably just mention those openings that I got to put here because I heard them in other's people's list and thought they were catchy as well.

Now, shall we start!?

Top 20

Kuma Miko's Opening

One of the first few Spring Animes that I've watched (that got to be on-hold for a while). This opening is cute overall!

Top 19

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal Season III's Opening

I got to hear this opening from the other top lists that I watched. It was catchy indeed.

Top 18

Endride's Opening

This opening was just not my type in the start because the voice wasn't my cup of tea. I also dropped this anime by the way because I wasn't feeling anything from it. But anyways, the chorus was good enough though so it got itself in this position.

Top 17

Kuromukuro's Opening

This is an anime that I haven't watched and I only got to hear this opening from the other top lists that I watched! It was catchy as well!

Top 16

Flying Witch's Opening

This is also one of those animes I didn't get to watch this spring but again, I heard this from the other lists.

Top 15

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable's Opening

Another anime that I didn't watch because I believe this anime didn't start this season so if I wanted to watch this, I had to watch the first ones before this but anyways, it was a catchy song indeed! Not to mention the video was so "crazy and bizarre"!

Top 14

Nijiiro Days' Opening 2

Finally! We came to a point where in I get to tell you of an anime I was able to watch (and actually enjoy). This song is so good! I loved the first opening and I also loved this one!

Top 13

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge's Opening

An anime that I'm also watching that I can never really get to binge-watch. This anime just makes me so relaxed and sleepy after watching it and that I couldn't press another one because I had to sleep. The opening was also calming and chill.

Top 12

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096's Opening

Another anime that I didn't watch this season but the song was so good! I had to put it here.

Top 11

Re:zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu's Opening

An anime that I only got to watch recently. I can see the hype over this show but I haven't got to watch a few of it's latest episodes. Anyways this song is worth the listen!

Top 10

Super Lovers' Opening

This song is probably the one that will get y'all surprised. Out of all the top lists from other people that I've watched, this song rarely gets to be in those lists. If it does, it's usually a really low position. I don't know about the others but this song just makes me so happy whenever I listen to it. The bright and cheery visuals makes it a mood up-lifter! I really recommend you all to listen to it. Oh and by the way, I loved the anime as well! Can't wait for season 2 next year!

Top 9 

Joker Game's Opening

This song just makes me feel like I'm in a James Bond movie! That's the closest explanation I got in telling you how this song makes me feel and yes it is intense! (I tend to copy the character's actions in the visuals too!)

Top 8

Bungou Stray Dogs's Opening

This song is that song that makes you want to jump on your seat, sing the chorus and strut out that imaginary air guitar you have.  In other words, this opening simply rocks! + the anime was so awesome too.

Top 7

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk's Season 2 Opening

This is probably the highest position I ever gave to an opening from a show that I haven't watched! This song just gives you that adrenaline rush after the first line of the chorus. The visuals also matched the pacing!

Top 6

Shounen Maid's Opening

This song's first few notes (in piano) was the happiest sound I ever had smiled with in this season. Together with the creatively-put visuals full of symbolism (the visuals, especially the ones in the chorus, weren't literally like that in the show). It was such a nice thing to watch this as an opener to a really light-hearted anime in this season.

Top 5

Boku no Hero Academia's Opening*

I love this opening. The beat was dance-able, the lyrics were singable and the visuals were just giving my that "epic" feel every time I watch it. I love it!

Top 4

Mayoiga's Opening*

This song gives me the hype I need to jump start this series. The chorus makes me want to bang my head around in circles! My favorite part is the one near the last bit where it was sang so high, Unfortunately, that part wasn't included in the video presentation so if you want to hear the full song, you have to search for it online.

Top 3

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri's Opening*

If I had to describe this opening in one word, it'll be "legendary". This song gives me goosebumps. The constant movement and the excellent animation gives me the feeling that I'm there! And don't forget that short pause in the beat after the chorus. Aghh that part got my hairs standing up when I first heard it.

Top 2

Sakamoto desu ga?'s Opening*

One word to describe it? The coolest! I just love how this opening makes an emphasis (and only shows) the coolest anime character in town - Sakamoto! It goes to show you how he makes the show "cool", "cooler", and "coolest". Oh by the way, I also LOVE this show's ending theme.

Top 1

Kiznaiver's Opening*

Yep. It had to be Kiznaiver. I have never seen anything like this! The theme just feels so deep in lots of ways. The song makes you feel like flying and the visuals makes you feel like you're in a trance! I've seen people commenting "You don't need drugs when you have this." on this opening's youtube videos. It made me lol so hard. My favorite part is when everyone shows each other's different (and contradicting) personalities!

Those animes with the red asterisks * means that their video/audio in the presentation is altered and edited.

Anyways, on to the video!

Authors Note:

1. I couldn't post it on Youtube because of copyright. I tried a lot times but Youtube won't budge so I uploaded it on my Google Drive Account instead.

2. I'll try my best to make the Top 20 endings list and post them on Google Drive as well as soon as possible! 

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