My Top Fall 2016 Anime Theme Songs

January 01, 2017

Hello everybody and a happy new year to all! I will be trying my best to put up at least 2 posts today: this and my top or shall I say, my favorite animes of 2016! Now let's begin with this first post of the new year!

Just so you know, for this post, I won't be giving my thoughts on them individually. I'll just show you the scores my top openings/endings got in my top list. I will be giving my thoughts on the top 5 though!

My criteria is as follows!

I rate their (1.) Song, (2.) Visuals, (3.) Symbolism, (4.) Feelings & (5.) Overall Enjoyment from 0 to 100 and then I count their average scores.

Here are my top Fall 2016 Anime Openings video:

Quick discussion on the Top 5:

Top 5 - 3-gatsu no Lion OP - This was actually unexpected to be honest. I, at least, thought that Sousei no Onmyouji would beat this song for the Top 5 spot and that Fune wo Amu would beat this OP by a decimal. Oh well! It does deserve it's top 5 position though, check it out!

Top 4 - Bungou Stray Dogs S2 OP - I, slightly, expected this OP to be within the top 10 and not top 5 so yeah. This OP is really epic though so you better check this one out too!

Top 3 -  Naruto Shippuden OP 20 - On my very first listen to this, I got goosebumps. Mainly because I love Naruto (and ALL of their OPs) but also because this song sounded so fresh among all of the other theme songs Naruto released so I definitely felt hyped. It's visuals really matched the song as well. It really deserved top 3, in my opinion!

Top 2 - Flip Flappers OP - I also expected this one to be within my top 3. My first listen on the song also gave me goosebumps. The visuals were so outstanding as well! Overall, it felt so... legendary? Though there is an even more legendary OP this season has released and that is...

Top 1 - Yuri!! On Ice OP - I expected it. I saw it coming through. The first time I heard this, I knew that this would be my top 1! It's just good! You better watch it!

Now let's proceed to my Top Endings list

Quick discussion on the Top 5:

Top 5 - Fune wo Amu ED -My predictions for this ED is that it'd be at least in the top 10. I was so happy to find out that it slipped all the way up to my top 5. Oh the feelings this song gives me 💕. It's so beautiful

Top 4 - 3-gatsu no Lion ED -Once again, Bump of Chicken, managed to reach top 5! Just goes to show how consistent they are with their theme songs.

Top 3 -  Yuri!! On Ice ED - Oh my, this was actually the first Fall 2016 ED I heard because YOI was the first anime I watched for Fall. When it started playing, it took me by surprise! The whole THING was so unique for an anime theme! The song itself was fresh and the concept for the visuals were so creative! I loved it.

Top 2 - Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku ED - This was my dark horse amongst the Fall EDs. I never knew nano nor have watched the anime prior to me knowing the song so I basically had no idea what this ED was. Then when I finally got started on watching the anime and they played the ending song... I was astounded! It was SO BEAUTIFUL! Everything was well put together. I wanted this to be at least in my top 3 but I never knew it'd beat Yuri On Ice by a decimal! I highly recommend that you check out this ED theme if not, the anime.

Top 1 - Bungou Stray Dogs S2 ED - Just like YOI's OP for my Top Openings list, I expected this. I love ALL of Luck Life's anime theme songs so far! This band never fails to surprise me with their catchy tunes. In fact, all of Luck Life's OPs & EDs are my top 1. I still remember the feels this song (and the other Bungo Stray Dogs ED theme) gives me! Huhuhuhu

So anyways, that's it for this post! I'll see you guys again later! For my overall top anime picks/favourites
from 2016!

See you!

Authors Note:

1. Happy new year guys! Yay! 

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